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A VPN Router To Bring 
Security and Privacy to 
Wi‑Fi Networks

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A VPN Router To Bring Security and Privacy to Wi‑Fi Networks

Privacy & Security

Surf anonymously, change your physical location, and keep your web activity private and secure.

Access geo-restricted content

Watch video streaming channels on all your devices, and access restricted services everywhere.

Bypass Internet censorship

Access blocked webpages and social networks when travelling around the world.


Betterspot VPN box helps you access the safe and secure internet.

Betterspot App

Betterspot allows you to control the device easily through your smartphone, all settings in your hand.


Switch between VPN and Tor anonymity network. You can activate the VPN mode anytime.

Server Location

Choose your favorite server location just by a tap.


We are here to help you for as long as it takes.

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Easy Setup

Betterspot is super easy to setup as a dedicated home VPN router.

LAN Setup

Wi‑Fi Setup


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